Frequently Asked Questions and also their answers

'Print in PDF' is an online tool to convert documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other file types into PDF.

All human-beings in the age group of 12 and 128 are eligible to use 'Print in PDF'.
Print in PDF service is free. Convert all important files to PDF.
Your file will be queued in for deletion as soon as you download your file.
We have not put any limit on file size. This is the feature that makes Print in PDF the preferred choice for PDF Conversion. If you have a valid file and if you can upload it, then we can convert it to PDF.

Yes, you can. For more details visit

Yes, you can use our service. Print in PDF can be used by anyone for any and all files free of charge. However, you may not use for profit making by charging third-parties for converting their files to PDF. Print in PDF is a free service and it's our policy to keep it free for one and all of you.
Currently, the best way is - copy your images/pictures into a word or powerpoint file and then convert your file to PDF using Print in PDF.
Under ideal conditions, you should receive your files within two minutes. It may take longer time, based on other conditions like internet speed and bandwidth.